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Make Money Online by Blogging on Profitable Niche

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When I was just about to start to make money online by blogging, my target before was to blog on a popular niche. It’s the niche wherein almost everybody were blogging about.

Trivia: A blog niche is the subject or the topic that your blog is focusing or talking about.

For example, when popular bloggers blogged about technology, other bloggers did the same, so I blogged also about technology. When John Chow popularized the Make Money Online niche, lots of bloggers followed him, so I did the same.

Wait… I want to make it clear first that I started making money online by blogging after realizing that I could really earn money through my blogs.

If you’re following me on this blog for a long time already, maybe you’ll get confused when I say that “my target was to blog on a popular niche” because you’ve learned already from my old blogposts that I started blogging without thinking of making money online but only to enhance my English writing skills.

In other words, I was already blogging for a period of time before I started to make money online by blogging.

OKay… So what I did on my early days of making money online by blogging were:

searched or tried to identify the popular niche.
customized my blog to that niche,
published blogposts related to that niche,
tried to find and drive traffic into the blog,
and then make money from the traffic that the blog got by displaying ads on that blog.
Did I really earned money at home through the internet by just blogging at the said blog?

Yes! And actually, up to this time, I am still earning money from the ads displayed on that blog even if I am not frequently posting posts on that blog… even if I am only sleeping the whole day here in my apartment with my son CJ… even if I am only playing Facebook’s Cafe World… Even if I am just driving the tricycle that the blog bought me… Even if I am just riding the Honda XRM motorcycle, a blogging juice… Even if I am not doing anything [money still comes in].

For the sake of those who don’t know what kind of income is this, economic experts called this as “Passive Income” or “residual income“.

Trivia: Passive Income or residual income is the money you earned even if you are not doing anything. In my case, I only created a blog, did things just to drive regular traffic into it, and displayed ads. Now, since the traffic is regular, then the income also comes in regularly even if I am already doing nothing.

However, this passive income is just small if compared to the passive income earned by a blog focused on a very profitable niche.

You might ask: Isn’t the profitable niche a popular niche?

Okay… The truth is: A niche can be both popular and profitable. But not all popular niches are profitable.

For example, the Pinay Scandal topic. There are lots of keywords used to search the internet for the Pinay Scandal materials. However, the “Pinay Scandal” keywords alone has generated 33,100 local searches this December 2009 and 246,000 global searches a month [according to Google's search data]. The figures clearly tell us that Pinay Scandal topic is popular.

Trivia: The popularity of a niche can be measured in two ways: (1) by the number of searches made every month; (2) by the number of competing blogs or websites under that certain niche.

But is it profitable? Well, if you are planning to sell pornographic materials and products on the blog that talks about Pinay Scandal, then I think it is profitable. However, if you want to sell useful and educational products, then it is not profitable especially if you are displaying Adsense ads on your blog.

Remember that Google Adsense displays nothing (no ads) on adult-related webpages because in the first place, you are not allowed to place adsense codes to webpages with adult content. So, you’ll not be earning decent money from Adsense if your blog focuses on this kind of niche.

However, if your blog is focused on a very profitable niche, you’ll not just earn huge money from Adsense but from your direct advertisers as well and from the products you promoted.

by SELaplana

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