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Instead of just being the adventurous type, be the adventurous type that forces everyone to watch videos of you bouncing down the mountainside on your bicycle. This X170 sports cam is the perfect way to film every single one of your action moves. It comes with all sorts of ways to attach it to just about anything.

The camera itself records directly onto an SD card, plus it has a 1.5 inch screen that allows for easy playback. The lens is wide angle and records at 720 by 480 pixels at 30fps. As far as the mounting goes it includes a helmet-grip, head-strap, goggle and handlebar mounts, then finally your average Velcro strap for anything else. The battery life is pretty weak, it only runs for an hour on the AA batteries. Since they are just normal batteries, you could always just carry around some spares. You can purchase one of these for $200 through Drift Innovation.

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