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10 Ways to Make Money Online by Blogging

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1- Asking Donation
You can place a Donation Button of Paypal anywhere in your blog. Just make sure your visitors can see it.

2- Pay Per Click Ads
You can participate any of the ad publishing network that exist today. We have Google Adsense, Kontera or Infolinks, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, and other contextual ad networks. Once accepted, what you need to do is just copy the code and paste it into your blog’s template.
You’ll earn money if any of your visitors clicked the ad.

3- Write Sponsored Review
You can also make money by writing sponsored or paid reviews. You can get clients by directly contacting possible sponsors or you can just join paid review networks like PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews etc.

4- Mobile Ad for your Blog’s Mobile Version
You can also make money from your blog by setting up a mobile version of it and on your mobile blog (or version of it) display the mobile ads through the AdMob. Just like the other ads of other ad publishing networks, you’ll earn money once a visitor (mobile) click the ad.

5- Sell Directly your Blog’s Ads Space
Actually, you can earn a lot by selling directly your blog’s ad’s spaces to advertisers because 100% of the ad space price will be yours, compared to when just publishing ads of any ad network wherein a part of the price will be taken by the ad network.
However, you need to learn to market your blog so that advertisers will find your blog and will rent a space from it.

6- Sell your own e-Book
Write your own ebook. I know you have your own expertise. You may know a lot about painting, then why not write a guide on how to paint ebook. If you are knowledgeable on how to assemble PC, then why not write an ebook about it.
Then you already have your own ebook, promote it by writing blogposts at your blog.

7- Sell the Products of Other People
You can also earn commission by simply selling other people’s products through your blog. You can join the associate program of Amazon and YesAsia. Then promote the products of these companies. If someone buy products through your referral, you’ll be paid a percent of it.

8- Sell the Services of Other Companies
Promote a webhost that you consider the most reliable webhost. But you need to be their affiliate so that you can earn commissions in every referral you make.

For example, you can join DreamHost as an affiliate. Then write a review about their hosting services and post it into your blog. If someone bought a webhosting account, you’ll be paid a certain amount based on its terms and condition.

9- Sell Text Links
You can also earn money by selling text links from your blog. You can do it by directly selling text links to advertisers or just join the TextLinkAds.

10- Sell Your Blog
After creating a blog, successfully publishing useful articles into it, and successfully making it popular, if you want, you can sell your blog.
not all people do this but some selling their blogs online.

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