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10+ Brilliant and Advanced jQuery Effects

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We all knew that every technology has it's own comparison  with its competitors as jQuery is closely compared with Flash.Flash was the technology used by many web designers a while ago, but now its the turn of jQuery to add the special effects or interactivity to a website. jQuery makes it easier to create sophisticated custom effects and animations compared to Flash and also jQuery takes a lead when it comes to SEO.

Some of the stunning effects which jQuery can produce are sliding in different directions, adding ease to animations, effects like flip-in, sorting, zoom-in effects in photos, panning, creating a Photo shoot effect, slider effects and many more.So we present you some of the links that shows you the demos of various brilliant and advanced effects and it gives you a clear picture in itself without the help of any tutor.

1.Apple like retina effect

Achieve a retina like effect as found in Apple iPhones with this plugin with jQuery and CSS. This turns the static image into a fully functional ‘Retina Effect’ i.e place your pointer anywhere in the image and get a zoomed out image of the same within the same page.


AviaSlider, a slideshow plugin features unique transition effects, includes an image preloader, autoplay and stop, supports linked images and size of only 8 kb works with jQuery lower and higher versions.

3.Beautiful Background Image Navigation

A compact design which includes three options in the form of vertical sliders with a unique background image which navigates with the options is achieved with this jQuery plugin, Beautiful Background Image Navigation.

4.Bg image slideshow

An advanced background image sideshow featuring big images with changing text and playback controls. This plugin is created with jQuery combined with CSS where transparent PNG’s are used to create the see-through effect in the menu and text background.

5.Bubble Navigation

A simple menu which automatically expands in the shape of a bubble and displays the rest of the menu inside it, e.g gallery and prints inside Photos menu is achieved with the help of awesome Bubble Navigation plugin with jQuery.

6.Advanced login panel

A login form is the most important one in any web design but most of the time it displays the redundant information, here is a jQuery plugin which reveals the self and its content of the top panel only when clicked.

7.Carrot creative

Just sit back and enjoy the slideshow with bigger images with Carrot Creative which displays the images as a horizontal slideshow and moves to the next image after a short duration of time automatically.

8.Cloud zoom

A zoom jQuery plugin, Cloud Zoom displays a larger or zoomed out image of the particular area when hovered over the original image. This plugin is much smaller, has more features and has robust compatibility over browsers.

9.Photo shoot

The PhotoShoot jQuery plugin creates a photo shoot effect by converting the page into a photo shooting stage by simulating a camera like feel and also displays the images shotted by you. This gives the ability to take shots of the background image.

10.zoomer gallery

Zoomer gallery plugin is used to display images with zooming effects as seen in Flash. This jQuery plugin easily transforms your images and is only 2 KB in size which is very compact to use.

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