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Toshiba Information Systems AirSwing

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My source seems to insist that this AirSwing from Toshiba is Minority Report technology, which always makes me want to write about it, honestly. I think I’ve probably referenced this film in more posts than any other science fiction film, and this includes Blade Runner.

There are no special gloves like the ones that Tom Cruise wore at the beginning of Minority Report, but the AirSwing does use webcams to make this technology work.

I have a video of this after the jump so you can see it in action. You can see how the user’s reflection is on the screen, super-imposed with a menu of selections. I’m not certain if the reflection is a result of the screen being reflective or some part of the Airswing program.

Either way, the user can wave his or her hand or some other gesture, and can scroll through mall maps, flight plans, or other type of selections.

Best of all, this particular program does not take much processing. So it won’t freeze up on you while in action.

Of course, this is still concept tech, and is not in any particular place at this time. However, I can think of many places where I would use it. I can just see an interface like this being used for customer service in any store in the future

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