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Walkie Talkie Watches

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You have watch but you cannot contact the person because their is a time you left your cellphone. I surf a found that their is a watch that is a walkie talkie for you to call the other person. It's best for parents that have a small kids incase you lost your kid you can contact them.

Two Walkie Talkie Watches.
Aerial folds into watch face.
Massive 5km communication range.
8 possible channels available to ensure a clear connection.
Channel scanning functions.
Incoming call alert.
Back-lit LCD display.
Earphones included (one per watch) for privacy.
PTT button on earpieces for ease of use.
No registration or fees required.
Requires rechargeable Li-ion Battery (included, with adaptor).
Suitable for ages 12 years +.
Strap: 23 x 2 cm (adjustable).
Face: 7 x 6 x 2.5 cm.

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